Why do babies randomly cry while sleeping

The horror for families with young children is that nighttime fussing affects their sleep and parents are both tired. This, if prolonged, will affect the health of the whole family. So where is the culprit causing this situation? There are many explanations for the problem of a fussy baby at night, such as possibly having a stomachache, wet diapers or just wanting to show an emotion or something. Here are some common causes

Baby randomly crying while sleeping, Common causes:

1. Hungry baby

The baby is fussy, fussy, noisy, often looks for the breast when the mother holds it, can feed the baby before the baby really cries. When the baby cries, is the first thing that is hungry? The food does not stop the crying immediately, so let the baby eat until full, then the baby will stop crying.

2. Wet or dirty diapers

Some babies cry when the diaper is wet, cold, stimulating, and uncomfortable. Therefore, attention should be paid to changing diapers: children like to be warm and comfortable.

3. Too cold or too hot

Babies love to be warm (as a rule of being in the womb). When a baby feels cold, he or she will cry and stop crying when it is changed and warmed. Sometimes the baby is wrapped a lot, causing it to overheat, and the baby will cry too. Depending on the weather, you will dress and wrap your child appropriately

4. Children ask to hold

Children like to be cuddled, look at their parents’ faces, listen to their voices, their heartbeat even like the smell of their mother (especially the smell of breast milk). After being fed and burping, a child usually likes to be held. You wonder if doing so spoils your child? However, this only happens in the first few months of a child’s life.

5. Children with overloaded activities

Children love to be noticed. You may find your baby cries longer than usual after going on vacation with many family members. Babies also have periods of time inside and out crying for unknown reasons. Perhaps the child has received many stimuli such as light and noise, many people holding and becoming overwhelmed with many activities. The baby cries as if to say “enough”. Children often show fatigue. The baby can be kept still and kept under a fan for ventilation or put the baby to sleep.

6. The child is not well

The child fussy and scratches. Do you feed and check for your baby’s health? The baby still cries, has a normal temperature or fever, the crying of the sick child is different from the normal crying, the crying baby may have abdominal pain (intussusception), headaches (brain haemorrhage) or stomach upset ( night crying) due to hypocalcemia. Sometimes babies cry from insect bites (ants, fleas). Need to take the child to the doctor.

7. Not the above causes

Maybe colic cries are defined as crying that is not soothing for at least 3 hours / day and at least 3 days / week.