Treatment of knee pain at home

Knee pain is a very common condition caused by a variety of health problems, short or long term. However, you don’t need to take any medications, and you can still relieve the pain with simple at-home knee pain treatments.
Many short-term knee pain will go away without treatment. If your knee pain doesn’t respond to control for a long time, see your doctor for appropriate treatment.
4 simple but effective ways to treat knee pain at home
Treatment for knee pain will depend on the severity and cause of the condition, but there are simple steps you can take to help alleviate the discomfort.
1. Physical activity, reduce knee pain
Exercise can limit the formation of osteoarthritis as age increases. Osteoarthritis is also the most common cause of knee pain. Physical activity will strengthen cartilage tissue, make the body healthier and support joints. Activities such as water aerobics can be helpful for people with joint pain as they allow the knees to relax properly.
2. Physical therapy exercises to strengthen the muscles
Each patient should discuss with a chiropractor or rehabilitation physiotherapist in advance to develop the best exercise program for them.
The exercises that strengthen the upper calf muscles such as the quadriceps will protect the knee joint and limit knee pain. Here are a few ways to strengthen these muscles:
Straighten and lift one leg up while lying down or sitting down.
Step one foot forward then switch legs, repeating continuously in the same spot as if walking.
Sit on the chair then stand up, sit down continuously for 1 minute. Do it slowly and avoid using your hands for support.
Hold a chair and slowly sit down until your knees are bent and out of your feet. Note: Always keep your back straight while sitting down, standing up. Repeat this 10 times.
3. Pay attention to hold the correct posture to overcome the pain of knee joint
Take note of the following positions to reduce pressure on the knee:
Avoid sitting in a chair that is too low or on a bench that will easily make you prone to stretching out
Add pillows to increase the height of your sitting position if necessary
Always pay attention to the sitting posture, do not lean sideways
Choose shoes that can aid in proper posture
Avoid sitting for too long without moving will cause the joint to become stiff and difficult to move, easily leading to knee pain.
4. Lose weight and keep a reasonable diet
People who are overweight or obese are more likely to experience knee pain than people of normal weight. Excess weight causes the joints to bear more gravity. Therefore, losing weight can help overcome chronic pain in the knee, including arthritis.
A sensible, scientific diet combining exercise is the best way to help lose weight safely. You should develop healthy, balanced diets that include:
Lots of fruits, vegetables and fiber
Low in animal fat or other fats
Less starch
Experts also encourage people to stick to a Mediterranean diet rich in fresh produce. To be safe, consult your doctor and dietitian about the most appropriate diet for knee pain.

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