Treat neck pain at home

Shoulder and neck pain is a common problem many people encounter. The root cause of shoulder and neck pain comes from wrong posture when sitting at work, driving a car, doing sports or sleeping … Acute pain can be improved by changing resting mode. activities as well as doing physical exercises. However, in cases of chronic shoulder and neck pain accompanied by stiff neck symptoms, patients need to see a doctor for timely diagnosis and treatment, avoiding dangerous complications.
Methods to soothe pain in the back of the neck
1. Rest to relax the neck muscles
The pain increases if you continue to maintain the wrong posture or move your neck the wrong way. Therefore, you should let your neck rest after a few hours of work, avoiding heavy activities that affect the neck.
You should also perform gentle neck movements, avoiding fixing the neck in the cuff as this will cause the neck muscles to be weak and less flexible.
2. Use ice to ease the pain
Using ice is an effective remedy for acute musculoskeletal pain. You can use ice, cold gel bag to place in the sore area for 15 minutes every hour, do the first 3-4 hours after injury and slowly reduce the frequency gradually. When cold, blood vessels contract, preventing swelling, at the same time numb small nerve fibers, significantly reducing pain.
Important Note:
Ice should be placed in a thin towel to prevent skin irritation and cold burns.
This method is not applicable for chronic neck pain or neck stiffness. Patients should see a doctor if the pain in the back of the neck persists for weeks that does not go away.
3. Use an herbal compress
You can place herbal compresses (including fragrances like lavender, rosemary) in the sore neck for 20 minutes. The heat will help relax the neck muscles and reduce tension.
Alternatively, you can soak your neck and shoulders in hot water mixed with Epsom salts (an inorganic salt containing magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen). The hot water flow improves circulation and reduces the symptoms of neck pain and stiffness.
4. Do light stretching
Warm-up: Roll your shoulders and rotate your head in a circular motion. Then, continue with neck rotation (from left to right and vice versa), neck flexing and stretching (looking up – down). Do a few minutes for each movement.
Once the neck muscles have warmed up, begin stretching: tilt your head and neck toward your shoulders. Work for both sides. Next: bend your neck forward (chin down to chest direction), slightly rotate to one side. Work for the other party.
Do neck muscles stretching for about 30 seconds on each side, incorporating deep breathing. Do this 3 -5 times a day until the pain subsides.

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