Tips to lose weight after giving birth to lose 8kg after 2 months

Excess weight gain is a concern of all breastfeeding mothers. Increase is very fast, but decreases forever. For effective postpartum weight loss, persistence is not enough, it is necessary to have a proper roadmap. Please note, the mother has just given birth to weak health, so things like fasting, doing heavy exercises like twenties girls are not suitable. Please lose weight after giving birth so that it is suitable for mothers with the following simple but safe ways:
Grow kids by mom milk:
Breastfeeding is considered a healthy way to lose weight after giving birth, mothers can burn off excess calories while breastfeeding without excessive dieting. I have exclusively breastfed and have a reasonable diet so I can reduce 300-500 g / week without affecting my health and breast milk.
Drink a lot of water
When planning to lose weight after giving birth, one rule that moms should keep in mind is to stay hydrated. Drinking water not only increases metabolism and burns calories, but also helps to purify the body, reducing hunger and cravings.
Every day I drink enough 3 liters of liquid (tea, water, juice, soup …) and say no to soft drinks, carbonated water, alcoholic beverages. In addition, I also apply folk safe postpartum weight loss remedies such as drinking brown rice tea, white tea leaves, lotus leaf tea, ginger tea … which have the effect of reducing cholesterol quickly, eliminating the fat. redundant efficiency.
Healthy diet
At birth, the mother’s body needs a maximum amount of nutrients to ensure the health of the mother and baby, but if you want to lose weight safely after giving birth, choose nutritious foods that are low in calories and fat. . Say no to the diet and break it up into 5-6 meals a day with healthy snacks instead of three large meals. Each small meal can be a cup of oatmeal, black bread, cereal, fruit and a glass of milk.
Besides, choose a diet with boiled, steamed, baked and limited starches, salt, oils, and sweets. For new born women, it is impossible to completely remove starch from the meal, but should also gradually reduce the amount of starch and replace it with fish, green vegetables, and fruits. Eat the “good” fats found in olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish like salmon and basa. Avoid “bad” fats that cause high cholesterol, are harmful to the heart, cause diabetes in fried foods, sweets … (consult about how to reduce high blood fat, safe for pregnant women)
Do exercise
In fact, regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to safely lose weight after giving birth. The mother’s body will be ready for difficult exercises in about 3 months after birth. Exercise will help with fat loss instead of muscle loss. Getting a little more exercise each day is a great way to lose weight.
You do not need to go to the gym, just walking while pushing your baby’s stroller, carrying your baby for a walk, regular morning exercise is enough to help you stimulate your heart and muscles. Mothers choose a light sport that is suitable for their favorite such as yoga, aerobic. To take advantage of the time my baby sleeps, I often do cardio exercises to lose fat and weights to gain muscle for 30 minutes a day.
Get enough sleep, reduce stress
Getting enough sleep seems to be very difficult for new mothers. The mother has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to taking care of the newborn, which will overwhelm and stress her. Try to control your sleep and share work with your husband for more rest. Every day sleep before 23 o’clock and wake up at 5 o’clock.
Sleep deprivation will adversely affect metabolism. When tired, the body produces cortisol and other stress hormones that can cause weight gain. In addition, when exhausted from lack of sleep, the mother does not have enough strength to exercise and does not want to care for her body.
6. Practice route
During the first month, most of us will lose weight after giving birth very slowly. Do not worry, you should not wear a tight belly button as this can damage the uterus. Please exclusively breastfeed your baby. The amount of fat accumulated during pregnancy acts as a protection for the fetus and a source of reserves for the body to produce breast milk. With breastfeeding and milking hard, you will lose weight very quickly.
Start practicing basic yoga exercises 3 weeks after giving birth (if the mother is born normally). With a C-section mother, it is necessary to wait until the end of the first month of non-practice, after the doctor has checked that the incision is stable, she can gently exercise.
– 1 week after birth: practice yoga movements in place, mainly breathing, arms and shoulders to relax and relieve back pain.
– Week 2-3 after giving birth: practice more exercises on the abdomen, basic legs.
– From the second month: advanced yoga practice, combined with 3 kg weight training for the arm area.
– The third month after giving birth: do gym at home, exercise abdominal muscles in a short time (5-10 minutes / lesson / day). If you need to burn fat fast, good health can do more Hiit exercises.
Each week, there are 2 yoga sessions (60 minutes / session) and 3 sessions of abdominal exercises.
Try to follow the principles and roadmap well above, the mother will be surprised because after 2 months, she has lost 8 kg, but the body is still completely healthy to raise the baby.

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