The most common cause of husband and wife conflict

We all think financial problems and frequent controversies are the cause of marital conflicts, but what other threats are lurking? What are the basic causes leading to the current marital conflict?
      Adultery often occurs when a relationship between two people already has some problems. This is considered as the most common cause of marriage breakdown, even the most common divorce in modern society today. About 55% of the respondents said that adultery was the cause of the husband’s conflict. Adultery can come from many different causes, but one thing in common is that adultery destroys family happiness, leads to mutual conflict and, worst of all, divorce. The appearance of the third person is the cause of the broken family happiness between many couples and the family “falling down without brakes”.
      Cheating men leading to divorce are lower than cheating women that lead to divorce. Women can easily let go of man’s infidelity, whereas men have a hard time accepting female betrayal. When women commit adultery, marital conflicts often drag on and seem difficult to resolve.
Economic conflict
      The first and foremost reasons leading to divorce are money conflicts. Difficult material life, lack of money first … are the cause of quarrels of many families. even a strong love cannot resist. Concerns about rice and money make people easily frustrated and irritable, leading to conflicts in the family. In particular, when the two sides lack an open, transparent and financial sharing, it is easier to cause misunderstandings and push the marriage to the abyss.
Do not respect, do not care for each other
    Knowing that both husband and wife are always busy and can hardly find free time to spend together. Many couples are drawn to work and how to make money, but miss out on family and happiness. Don’t let your job dictate and take control of your husband and wife’s life. Only then can you avoid the state of the house is empty, the kitchen is cold after work.
      Surely everyone can make mistakes in a married life. But how a husband and wife treat each other when they make mistakes is a determining factor for a marriage. If you always live in the mind of exploration, looking at the other’s mistakes, surely this marriage is very heavy and boring. You yourself also always feel dissatisfied, dissatisfied because the other person is not as you expected. With these negative states, it is easy to make the relationship between the husband and wife fracture and divorce is inevitable.
      One of the main reasons why controversy persists is because husband and wife do not understand each other, do not underestimate each other, or do not share each other’s views. Once a husband and wife are able to appreciate your partner’s differences on their own, then you have descended the ladder of argument and are looking for a solution to reconciliation.
The story “blanket and pillow” is not in harmony
      Sex is an important part of marriage. Sex can bond a couple, it can be the source of many other problems. The problem of sexual incompatibility, husband and wife having difficulty in giving birth … are common reasons for a marriage failure and lead to serious conflict and possibly a divorce.
Too jealous
      In married life, jealousy is an indispensable spice, possibly a way to express feelings for the other person. But jealousy also needs to be tricky. If the jealousy is too much, the married life will become tired and the conflicts will also form. Loyalty and faith are the best a marriage needs. If you do not trust the other person, find out where the cause comes from and have a timely solution to the conflict.
Unrealistic expectations
      The ability to adapt to changes in married life often depends on realistic expectations about the spouse and the marital relationship. Marriage reality is far different from what is imagined. Over time, unmet expectations can create dissatisfaction, disappointment, and depression with your partner and your current marriage. Husband and wife live together, but if one person always sets too high and inappropriate demands, the other will be depressed and tired. Over time, they want to get out of the marriage to find someone else who understands them better.
Impact from the outside
      The relationship between mother-in-law – bride, sister-in-law, relatives of both sides … is also the cause of divorce most today. Besides, your home can also be “shaken” by friends. Everyone has friends to confide in and share with each other about anything in life. But some friendships may interfere with your marriage. Your partner listens to you, not your spouse, creating mutual distrust and negative effects on your marriage.

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