With the theme of beautiful female office outfits, this article in the section Beautiful Women will reveal to girls from AZ on how to combine clothes, office dress codes, steps in shaping their personal style and style. Suggestions to mix extremely stylish work clothes.
Rule 1: Be discreet, not tight
Of course, going to work is not as comfortable as going out, but that doesn’t mean you have to bargain with a suit – a white shirt or a whole suit to look polite.
That “discreet” concept will make you look old, boring and unable to show your own dynamism.
Be discreet from a modern point of view, meaning comfortably choose your own outfit, a long skirt with outstanding motifs, a stylized shirt and a gentle yet delicate juyp A skirt, … There are many discreet combinations that still help women to show off their entire beauty.
Rule 2: Stand out subtly
Outstanding patterned outfits are sometimes a double-edged sword for your style. Patterns can cause you to change your simple everyday style, but that effort can be a disaster at the office because of the inconsistent, cumbersome patterns of the pattern.
“Outstanding subtly” – remember this mix-item rule. Because, just a stylized shirt, or a patterned skirt with a monochrome shirt, is enough to make you stand out, comfortable, confident and dynamic. In addition, a dress with a unique pattern from head to toe is not a good choice when going to work at work, sometimes too unique creates a bad coordination at all.
Rule 3: Don’t choose colors for inspiration, especially similarities between shoes and clothes (dresses)
There is a common misconception that wearing shoes with the same color as the dress or clothes is a beautiful outfit. This can only be “temporarily acceptable” with neutral colors, easy to wear, easy to mix, but with outstanding colors: orange, yellow, red, green, .. will it become a carpet? office painting?
If you have no idea what the right shoes for your outfit are, the simplest ones are black and nude. These are two tones that are easy to mix and are also the easiest to combine with different outfits.
In addition, you can refer to the new modern color gamut, help you to be more stylish a few times: Colorful Bloom, Arizona Sunsets, ….
Rule 4: Work bag or backpack?
For many women who need to bring laptops or many important documents to work, a backpack is extremely convenient and easy to use. However, when you do not have to bring a laptop, they often try with different handbag designs – this is one of the highlights that make your outfit stand out.
No need to be too fussy about clothes, simple office clothes combined with a “cardboard” handbag, you will become more stylish and personality.

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