Women over the age of 40 are the age of adulthood, it’s not the age for us to dress in youthful styles, but it’s also not the age to dress in old fashion. It is that limp that makes it very difficult for you to choose your own clothes.
However, the sisters should not be too worried because we always have extremely beautiful outfits if we only need to pay attention to the following 2 things that are simple and carefully chosen.
There are clothes for women in their 40s to wear very well, but we have to pay attention to our own colors, designs and shapes. In addition, it is important for women over 40 to choose age-appropriate clothing. Therefore, to have youthful, polite yet luxurious and attractive outfits. Today, the article of will introduce to you the best dressing experiences for women over 40 years old.
1. Don’t Choose Outfits Too Young
Each age should choose for us suitable clothes for our age. You should also not choose items that are too young, but not too old.
We need to determine our exact age to choose outfits, if not careful, it will be “claw saw”. Also if we are in our 40s, this is the age at which we mature. We will not have skirts, legs, skirts, and youth clothing such as banh mi skirts, torn clothes, cartoon prints, text or colors that are not too prominent.
The colors that were too bright on the suit were not suitable. Or the colors orange, green, red too bright we should not choose. These colors cause you to become jagged, distorted between your outfit and your body.
In addition, at this age, your body is no longer beautiful like a girl, so deliberately wearing clothes that are not suitable for your age will make you, not slim, but reveal all your shortcomings. have.
2. Don’t Choose Outfits Older than Age
We should not choose clothes that are too young and too old, because these are unfinished people, neither young nor old. These sisters are not allowed to let themselves choose the clothes of the aunts over the age of 50. Because we are over 50 years old, we wear different clothes, if we put that on, it will make us become old, no one would think that you guys are so young.
What colors and designs are suitable for women over 40 years old. We do not choose outfits that are pale, dark in color, but not bold but indifferent, this will make the sisters faded but older than the age. In addition, the items with textures are too big because those motifs are only suitable for women over 50. If we wear it, we look both old and not luxurious or noble.
3. Wear Comfortable, Tight Outfits
As we mentioned above, when women turn 40, their bodies are aging, their skin is thin, their bodies are no longer toned, they will be more rough. That is why choosing the clothes that fit, comfortably is what women most need. The right clothes will help conceal your blemishes, because if we wear it too wide we are denouncing your physique, and if it is too tight, the excess body fat will show up. you are not slim, but beyond the framework of beauty.
We can not cut the horns when choosing tight-fitting items like girls to show off curves, but at this age, wearing well and comfortably is the most effective way to show off curves. Therefore, choose knee-length skirts, simple yet delicate dresses. We cannot be too greedy when choosing mini skirts that are too short or too small, nor are short crop tops that make the waist open, nor are they armpits when going to work or going out. Street. All costumes we choose must show courtesy but still class and nobility.
4. Effective Costume Color Matching
In this section we must pay attention to the colors we wear everyday. The color of it is related to your physique and skin tone. Not all of us can wear cold or hot colors, or neutral colors. So we need to distinguish what we need to be.
Middle-aged people should be able to moderate their enjoyment of colors such as dazzling, lime yellow, orange, and bright red…. These are neutral colors such as black, white, gray, gray … a little more interesting is pink-purple, orchid purple, blue, cream. These colors will bring the inherent elegance and elegance to you. The bright colors make you shaggy, sawing horns, not suitable for your age.

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