Resolve family conflicts

Resolving marriage conflicts so that husband and wife understand each other better is not as simple as saying love to someone. In marriage, there are countless conflicts that cannot be controlled by the husband and wife. Sometimes, just because a few small conflicts without a proper resolution of the marital conflict can be enough to break the marriage. Dealing with conflicting marital conflicts requires cooperation from both sides so that the marriage is strong and does not put pressure on anyone.
Face to face to deal with
      Many people believe that silence seems to make arguments less intense. But silence is not a method of resolving conflicts between husband and wife, it just makes the conflicts between husband and wife come to a standstill that cannot be escaped, leading to poor actions and decisions. In any case of conflict, absolutely do not be silent but sit down, chat and find a solution whether you both want to continue together or not.
      In marital conflict, do not take too much importance on who is right, who is wrong at the time of anger, give each other comforting words, apologize for the words that hurt each other. Blessing yourself does not lose your personality, it will be an encouragement for the other party to find their own flaws so that both of you will take it seriously, accept change instead of being silent and persistently blamed. fault for each other.
Evaluate contradictions, find ways to resolve conflicts
      For conflicts that arise in a husband and wife relationship, it is advisable to seek resolution instead of hiding. Because if not completely resolved, it will deeply affect the relationship between husband and wife and children in the future. Therefore, when faced with conflict, first of all it is necessary to know to what extent the nature of the conflict has gone, the cause of the conflict, how to resolve the marital conflict?, … Small conflicts, husband and wife can talk to each other gently to make the two sides more sympathetic. As for major conflicts, when the situation becomes tense, husband and wife can point out each other’s wrongs on the basis of harmony and bond to better understand each other in a family, not point out what is wrong to lead separated. At the same time, it is advisable to show a straightforward and resolute viewpoint in wanting that the same things do not repeat and the family life is getting better and better.
      Sometimes husband and wife are only dissatisfied with the other’s behavior, attitudes and behavior such as when the husband comes home late for a drink, the wife is late to pick up her hair because she is late to pick up her hair, the wife accidentally cooks a savory meal, dry rice … At that time, to avoid a fight, the couple should control the frustration to give each other a gentle opinion. Even if I feel uncomfortable inside, it is not necessary to go from trifling matters to spark “war”.
Do not reopen the old story
      In a moment of anger, it is likely that either of you will recall the other’s mistakes from the past and then recall the problem. When quarreling, man’s natural action is to find all kinds of ways to protect himself, to defend his reason. However, couples do not take back the old stories to threaten their lover’s psychology, which may only make the story more stressful and go into a dead end.
      Just stop analyzing the right and the wrong in the present problem, seriously look at the future to correct together, do not accept the past things will not help at all in resolving the wife conflict. husband.
Stay calm and put yourself in the other’s shoes
      When you lose your temper, try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes when you receive criticism from others to see if you feel comfortable? When they start to love each other, people often give each other sweet words and actions, but when conflicts occur, it is easy to say bad words to each other? Regardless of the circumstances, you both need to keep words of respect, not blatantly or harshly to the other party. It is a way of alleviating the negative emotions of arguing.
      Resolving marital conflict is requiring husband and wife to be really skillful and willing to reconcile. Don’t be too stubborn because you won’t get anywhere. After each argument, maybe we will get to know each other better, or if we don’t know how, we can further separate the two and gradually make the feelings crack.
      After all, we used to love and choose to marry that person because they are themselves, so why should we want them to be the person you expect them to be?
Create bonds between family members
      Many hold the view that one cannot maintain a relationship without conversation. As much as you love but can’t talk to each other, the relationship will soon end. Therefore, in order to resolve conflicts that arise between relatives, it is necessary to regularly confide, share, and create a happy atmosphere for each other. If we talk more, we can understand each other better, then we can find a common solution.

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