Reading and what are the benefits?

Reading has always been a useful habit that many people love, but besides providing a large amount of knowledge, reading has many more benefits than that. What are the benefits of reading?
Improve knowledge
Books are an endless treasure trove of knowledge about all areas of the life of those who have written down and passed down to generations.
Thick novels are not in vain, they tell us about a character’s life, events or events, this can be a valuable lesson for us in real life.
The time to finish reading this book will certainly be a lot less than the time to live and experience practically like the characters in the book. The lesson they have to spend a lifetime to learn, you can learn through the turn of pages of the book. Is it worth it? Not to mention science books, domestic and foreign literature, books about family, romance, books about entrepreneurs and business, many many.
All contain the quintessential cultural knowledge of humanity. If you read more or less or read in any field, you will get experiences. No one can be sure that reading will not be successful, but great successful people are eager to read. Getting new knowledge is one of the many benefits of reading.
Practice concentration and thinking, analyzing
When reading a book, your mind and senses are focused on watching every word, line by line. The hand turns the pages and focuses on the knowledge that the book is referring to or thinks about the next development of the story without having to care about everything around, just brain and active eye.
With good and useful books on your area of ​​interest, you read carefully every page of every page without taking your eyes off, this is a way to train your brain’s high concentration while you are reading and reading yourself. thinking, analyzing according to the development of the story.
Therefore, the time to read a good book is the time you are practicing your concentration and your analytical thinking ability very well.
Expand your vocabulary
Having increased personal vocabulary, communicating with people in an open and engaging manner is one of the great benefits that reading brings. Knowledge in the book is expressed in a concise manner, logic is easy to understand and no less attractive for readers.
So the more you read, the more you will have more knowledge and learn how to express and tell a logical story to attract listeners thanks to the ability to think with richer vocabulary. At the same time, the ability to write has also improved significantly.
Improve memory
When you read a book, you must memorize character information, expressive nuances through character narrations, or details that make up the lifestyle through each story. It may be a bit, but gradually the brain will remember it all with practice over time. Like a habit, over and over again you will get used to remembering. Miraculously, each new memory will cause the brain to create new wrinkles and strengthen old wrinkles, support emotional memory and balance. Interestingly, right?
Studies have shown that reading helps to stimulate the brain to improve memory. This nerve stimulation helps slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
Recreational form, stress relief
There are many kinds of books from novels, emotional psychology to jokes, stories about the life of an interesting person … these books are not too knowledgeable and you do not need to think too much to get them. can be understood as detective stories or economic books.
They entertain you and bring laughter to life with their witty, natural, and genuine writing.
Many people can spend a lot of money buying books just to refer to a few of them. But for some people who have no conditions or low budget, you can go to the library and immerse yourself in the stock of books available.
All the issues in life, society that you never know about are being updated in new books that you will never be able to read. Not only that, reading will help you relax, relax your mind after hard days, make up with work or study.
Now, you just need to feel and like a person standing outside witnessing an attractive, entertaining movie. There are times when the feelings of happiness, sadness, and anger let loose into the story.

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