Notes to know when trying to lose weight

Not only women, men also make efforts to lose weight to stay healthy. However, not everyone understands about this process.
There are things about weight loss that few people tell you about. You can only experience and enlighten the truth for yourself if you are motivated and persistent on that difficult path. Losing weight is a difficult job, anyone who has undergone a new understanding.
Big change has to be made
Our bodies are “engineered” in neural balance, which means that it is not active frequently in a state of constant struggle, tension between reason and emotion, between instinctive needs and will against those needs. For example, when we are hungry, we want to eat a lot, it is delicious but the will forces us to say no to many favorite foods.
To lose weight on our own we have to start acting decisively and consistently every day to make a change.
Even if weight gain doesn’t happen in a day or two, losing weight will take more time. If you go to the gym three times / week but only 1-2 months, then gradually skip the meal, if you don’t have a meal, all your efforts will pour into the sea.
This is really pressure because everyone wants to lose weight fast. Experts say this is not possible. Attendance is the most fundamental and most difficult element of successfully achieving this goal.
Time 10 days
It takes at least 10 days to check for any body changes from a weight loss activity you want to test.
For example, in the evening diet with vegetables and fruits, you must follow the correct routine for 10 days to monitor the body’s response. From there on the appropriate adjustment. Unless you are hypersensitive or really can’t stand it, you must change tactics. Normally, after 10 days you will have enough bases to build a weight loss program suitable for your body.
2-8 ratio in women
For women, the change in body weight depends 80% on diet and 20% on exercise regimen.
There is a very accurate maxim: “You can’t run faster than a bad diet”. People who want to lose weight must have a specific program with their diet. Eating determines the muscle, fat, and overall shape of our body. All are closely related to the ratio of protein, fat and fiber that we eat in every day.
Starch is not bad
Starch is neither bad nor good, no matter when you eat it, it will give very different results. Eating carbs before exercising and right after exercise makes your body stronger and the exercise will relieve the worry of gaining weight because of your carbs.
Not eating carbs at night after 18 hours is the rule for effective weight loss.
Practice your favorite subject
Almost everyone has a sport they love, the question is whether they find it out.
Many people sign up for aerobic exercise just because there is a gym close to home. However, they do not feel excited or excited every time they practice so the results are not as expected. That will be even more frustrating. Try a variety of subjects until you find one you like. You can even practice combinations to complement each other.
The more comfortable it is with the practice, the quicker the results. Sometimes we start so hard, getting up early to go jogging instead of sleeping a little more. While running, I feel pressure because I wonder why I have to “do” myself like that. Sometimes you go to the gym because of the pressure, but the better way is to relax.
Join in exercising both energetically but excitedly. At that time, the benefits you see from the practice towards your body will be the driving force to continue exercising harder.
Trying to lose weight will be uncomfortable
Part of losing weight is learning to adapt to changes in your body, sometimes uncomfortable.
For example, when the exercise gets too hard you will always have the urge to give up. However, if you want to make a change, there is no other way than to erase the old routine to override a new one. Must try. If you can’t try you won’t get anything. If you can do it, each day you will gradually come to feel good about yourself.
Age doesn’t matter
When you are 30 years old you see wrinkles in the corners of your eyes, you think “age”; 40 years old you feel fat, you think “this age must be” …
Don’t allow yourself to blame negative body changes on age because it’s inaccurate. At any age, we can maintain a healthy, youthful body if we eat properly and exercise regularly.
Sugar and alcohol are huge obstacles
Whenever there is a chance to be happy (or sad), sweets and yeast are two favorites because it has a nerve stimulating effect, making us feel comfortable. However, if you want to lose weight, you must stay away from these two substances.
Just a small amount of sugar or alcohol will destroy your workouts and healthy eating in a more “horrible” way than you think.

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