Note when you want to lose weight fast at home

To avoid weight gain – obesity, according to nutrition experts, need to do at least 2 things: Have a reasonable diet and regular physical exercise appropriately.
A reasonable diet includes reducing energy intake but must ensure adequate nutrition, by reducing the consumption of energy-rich foods such as rice, bread, cakes, tea … small, eat slowly, chew food well, or stop eating as soon as you feel full but do not fast or skip meals
Notes on losing weight you need to know
Between being physically active and dieting, it is important to note the role of diet in weight loss is more and more decisive than being physically active. Apart from the above two factors, other means are just supportive measures.
Do not aim to lose weight within 1 month and every weight loss should last at least 3 months, with a goal of losing 500g per week, if you have achieved it successfully.
Always have something available, to eat when you are hungry or crave, never fast or don’t let your stomach hungry enough to eat anything.
Practice recording what you eat, exercise calories burned in the day. Thereby, we will see the dangers of snacking: It is enough energy, but lacks the necessary substances for the body and the excess of substances that easily lead to weight gain.
Beware of foods or meals outside the program such as parties, parties or just a few peanuts, a few small cakes.
Eating a lot of vegetables is very good for dieting, but pay attention to fruits, especially those with a sweet taste, not helpful for weight loss. Vegetables are not high in energy, but in vegetables there are many vitamins.
Absolutely do not use fried, roasted, leather, baked goods, onion fat, scallions, if you can control yourself, only try 1 piece and only 1 only.
Be wary of vegetarians, because most of them contain a high amount of fat and carbohydrates.
Drink lots of water, anytime you can drink, every day should drink from 3 – 4 liters of water. Drink water before meals and immediately upon waking up. Detail: How much water is suitable for people who lose weight to drink?
When you have free time, choose to read books, newspapers, go for walks, practice makeup … instead of cooking or shopping for food.

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