Milk food for mothers after giving birth

For those who breastfeed, a balanced and nutritious diet with a variety of dairy foods is very important if you want to maintain a healthy supply of milk for your baby.
To create high and quality milk flow, postpartum women should eat reasonable and diverse foods to provide enough nutrients for the mother’s postnatal recovery and development of the baby.
Dr. Hoang (Doctor of Nutrition – Institute of Nutrition) said: during breastfeeding a mother should pay attention to her drinking and resting.
Usually the diet that is good for mothers during this period is a varied, non-abusive diet. Each day should eat more than 20-30 different types of dairy foods, including all the basic food groups such as rice, sticky rice, fish meat, vegetables, fruits, …
1. Drink hot milk every day to benefit postpartum milk
No need imported or expensive milk, mothers just need to drink a cup of hot condensed milk about 15-20 minutes before breastfeeding, the amount of milk is released quickly.
Drinking hot milk after giving birth not only benefits milk but also helps provide nutrients to help the mother’s body recover faster.
2. Milk drink: Brown rice water
Brown rice is a food that helps to purify and detoxify the body. This is the reason why when women are on a diet, they often choose this nutritious grain.
Drinking roasted brown rice water, mothers can be assured with a lot of milk, delicious and nutritious for children. This milky cereal also helps mothers to purify toxins in the body.
Choose whole brown rice for roasting and boiling water because it contains many important vitamins and minerals such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, potassium, sodium … very good for growth. development of the newborn.
3. Drink juices to increase lactation
In addition to drinking pennywort juice every day, mothers can use pennywort to process nutritious soup with beef, pork, chicken … to supplement the necessary source of nutrients.
Gotu kola is known as a vegetable with beneficial effects on milk, antibacterial, and also helps improve the skin after birth.
4. Warm filtered water
Every day, breastfeeding mothers should drink about 2.5 liters of water. Although there are different types of water for mothers to change their taste, a warm glass of water before breastfeeding will also help the milk glands work better.
In addition to dairy foods, mothers can also add dairy fruits or other dairy foods such as porridge, goat feet, green papaya, greens, sweet potato vegetables, figs, pumpkin seeds. , nuggets milk …
Food benefits for mothers after giving birth are relatively plentiful, but there are still some foods that cause milk loss that mothers should limit to have a plentiful source of milk for the baby. Mother should pay attention to stay away from spices such as garlic, chili, guise leaves, … welded and caffeinated foods because they make mothers lose milk and the quality of milk will also be more or less affected.

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