How to make your family happy

The family is the place where we are born and raised in the loving embrace of loved ones. Everyone wants their family to be warm and happy. Each person will have their own criteria for building a happy family but generally include factors such as: Strong financial, sharing, sympathy, respect …
Some people think that families will be happy when they have material conditions. Some people just hope family members unite and love each other is enough. Different perspectives lead to different criteria for building a happy family for each person. But in general, for a happy family, you need to meet the following criteria:
1. Interested and shared
Caring and sharing create a strong connection between family members. With today’s busy life, it is rare for many families to spend a lot of time talking together. Parents are often engrossed in work but have not spent time taking care of their children. That easily leads to babies being vulnerable to self-pity, loneliness, and loneliness …
So, arrange work to spend more time talking and confiding with family members so that everyone can feel cared and shared when returning home. dinners, gym sessions together or a family trip … will help everyone understand and love each other more.
2. Fulfill your own responsibilities
Each family member has its own duties and responsibilities. For children, there must be the obligation to go to school, be obedient, and understand with grandparents and parents. Husband and wife work together, care for, raise children, and show filial piety.
If each family member is doing his or her duties well, the rest can be assured to develop other things. Think as simple as if their children are obedient, if they study well, their parents can wholeheartedly develop their career to bring their children a fuller life.
In addition, each family member must know how to take care of themselves. When you do that, you will know how to appreciate your values, be more confident, love life and spread happiness to those around you.
Spend more time taking care of your health and spirit by actively participating in social activities, beauty, exercise … Only when you love and cherish yourself, then you have just received other people’s respect.
3. Mutual respect
Everyone in a family needs to be respected, and so do children. Disrespect in thinking will cause words and actions to hurt others. And words are very lethal. Physical wounds can be cured, but what has been said may not be forgotten for a lifetime.
Many families have the idea of ​​”respect for men and disrespect for women”, so the role of men in the family is appreciated and women do not have a voice. This can easily lead to a husband’s disrespect towards the wife. Although the intellectual level of the people is increasingly improved, but this thought has not been completely erased, it is still creeping into the thoughts of many people.
Or in the relationship of parents with children, many parents always force their children to follow what they have arranged regardless of whether their children like it or not. With the thought that “I don’t know anything”, parents have the right to decide their child’s future from school, work to marriage, which leads to their children always feeling dissatisfied.
In a family without the respect of its members for each other, can the family be completely happy?
4. Strong finance
To build a happy life, finance plays a significant role. If financial is strong, family members will have conditions to take care of their health regularly, to study and develop themselves in the best environments …
It is these things that make each family member happy, just add a few loving spices, connection between everyone, the family will surely be happy for a long time.
There are many channels to invest, accumulate finances such as opening a savings book, investing in real estate, stocks or buying insurance for the family. For families who want to invest in their children to study and develop comprehensively, they should plan to accumulate now because tuition fees are increasingly expensive, in addition to the cost of accommodation, language learning, travel. Studying abroad … is also not a small amount. Should buy a separate insurance package for your child because your baby is protected and guaranteed his future education.
For a happy family, the factor of concern and sharing is indispensable. In addition, strong finance is also a criterion to help family members have enough conditions to study, develop comprehensively, fulfill their dreams and plans.

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