Going to Hue is not boring, especially going together!

Hue, mentioning that place, surely many young people can be described with two words: “Too boring!”. It is true that when you come to Hue, you will easily feel an incredible peace from the atmosphere, scenery to people. And it is from things that seem too quiet compared to the inherently noisy and exciting life so it is probably natural to see “bored”. But that is because you have not felt all the excitement that this “dreaming” land brings.

In Hue, you can immerse yourself in the romantic, gentle atmosphere and impressive architectural works associated with Vietnamese history of thousands of years, in the beautiful homestay still faint. Not only that, but the food in Hue also makes many people ecstatic because of its diversity and deliciousness, the cafes of all styles are not too fussy as the nature of Hue people are always small and calm and extremely friendly.

Although Hue land is peaceful but equally interesting! Going alone and freely exploring, going “more self” is more fun. That is enough to make us hang out, right, right now, when Here We Go 2017 just opened the door to receive the exam, we will be able to ask for “hard work” now!

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