Cure hand numbness at home

Long-term numbness of limbs can cause muscle atrophy and weaken limbs. To overcome this condition, besides the medical treatments, you can apply the natural home remedies for limb numbness below.
How to treat limb numbness at home is simple
Numbness in hands and feet is a common symptom during the cold season. In addition, people with diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis or nutrient deficiencies also face this condition frequently.
Patients often present with numbness, feeling like a prickling in the fingers and feet. Along with that, the aches and pains can appear and spread to the hands, feet and forearms, especially at night.
In order to operate in the limbs normally and avoid inconveniences in daily life, you should see a doctor to determine the cause and find ways to remedy the disease early. In addition to medicine, some natural limb numbness tips are also used by many people to combat this unpleasant symptom at home.
1. Massage, acupressure to reduce hand numbness
If you are suffering from limb numbness and do not want to take medication, try reflexology massage. This is a treatment of limb numbness that is being commonly applied in traditional medicine for a long time.
Acupressure massage therapy works to increase blood circulation, unclog the meridians, balance yin and yang in the body. The proper massage for limbs also works to reduce tension, spasticity in the nerves and muscles, improve the functioning of these organs.
How to massage, massage to relieve numbness of hands and feet:
Rub your palms and soles together to heat up. Then rub each finger and toes over the numb side.
Or take some hot tip over the numbed area. Then use your hands to massage from top to bottom and vice versa for 5 – 10 minutes.
2. Hot compresses stimulate blood circulation, reduce numbness in limbs
A hot compress is the easiest way to relieve the numbness of your limbs. This method is effective immediately after each application.
When it comes into contact with the skin, the heat will work by promoting blood circulation in the body, increasing the pumping of blood to the numb area, and at the same time relaxing nerves and tendons, helping to move in the body. limbs quickly returned to normal.
There are several ways to use a hot compress to relieve numbness of the limbs:
Method 1: Use a towel to dip in hot water, squeeze it out, then apply it to the numb area of ​​hands and feet
Method 2: Roast hot salt and place it in a clean cloth bag and apply it to the numbness
Method 3: Roll the hot water bottle back and forth on the affected area
Method 4: Use a hot water bag to apply
You can apply a hot compress several times a day whenever your limbs are numb. Each compress for about 10-15 minutes is enough. During the hot compressing process, you should combine hands and feet massage to quickly achieve the effect.
3. Bathe with warm water
Next, an effective preventive and supportive treatment of limb numbness you should not ignore is a warm bath. Like the methods above, warm baths have the effect of increasing blood circulation in the body, relaxing tendons and muscles, thereby improving numbness and soreness of limbs.
To see the effect, you should shower with warm water 1-2 times a day. If limb numbness occurs at night, take a shower before going to bed. However, attention should be paid to adjusting the bath water so that it is moderately warm. Avoid hot baths that burn and cause skin roughness due to the loss of its protective lipid layer.
4. How to treat numbness in limbs at home with practice
Science has proven, exercise, sports bring many health benefits. This method not only improves immunity, enhances physical condition, but also promotes blood circulation to the limbs, strengthens muscles, helps bones and joints stronger and reduces the risk of Osteoarthritis such as diabetes, osteoarthritis – common causes of limb anesthesia.
Regular practice of the following exercises can help improve your limb numbness:
Yoga is not too strange to many people. Yoga exercises with gentle movements, slowly but have positive effects in improving health, enhancing flexibility of bones and joints and reducing numbness of the limbs.
First, you can take a professional yoga class to learn the basics of yoga before doing it yourself at home. Practicing this subject requires perseverance and hard work for a while to get certain results.
Walking does not take much effort, so it is suitable for all people, especially those who are suffering from paralysis of limbs due to bone and joint problems or due to the inability of old age to exercise vigorously.
You can walk 20-30 minutes a day. The best time to walk is in the morning or in the evening. Keep walking at a moderate pace and breathing regularly to improve overall health.
In addition, depending on your preference, you can participate in practicing other subjects such as swimming, cycling, fitness exercise …

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