Acupressure for back pain at home

Back pain is a very common condition for many people. If the pain is not caused by a major trauma or serious spinal condition that requires a doctor’s visit, there are simple ways to treat mild pain at home.
Do yourself a home-based back pain doctor with these simple therapies you tried? With mild back pain, you can apply the following 7 tips to effectively reverse pain.
1. Use a cold compress
For 24 to 48 hours after your injury, use a cold compress to reduce inflammation. After 48 hours, you can replace it with a hot towel if you want, as a hot compress is more comfortable but doesn’t effectively reduce inflammation with a cold compress. Whatever the method, however, you should just keep the ice pack or the hot compress on your skin for about 20 minutes to relax your skin. If the pain does not go away, you need to consult a doctor for prompt diagnosis and treatment.
2. Reasonable mobility
The spine is an important part of the body to move. Therefore, you should not stop all daily activities for a small back pain. Once you feel more comfortable, try swimming or cycling and walking to keep your spine more flexible and healthy. However, you should not try to do them. If pain occurs, you should stop exercising and see your doctor.
3. Stretch your body
You shouldn’t sit on your desk all day, get up 20 minutes early to exercise. You need to stand up straight and stretch several times. Yoga is also an effective way to relieve back pain.
4. Note the posture
Bending and stooping when carrying heavy loads puts a great pressure on your back. When you need to lift something, be very careful about your posture, do not bend deeper than your waist. You should bend your knees, lower your center of gravity, and keep your back straight to lift them.
When wearing shoes, instead of bending your back, sit on a chair to wear.
5. Wear low shoes
You need to wear flats or low heels (less than 3cm) and limit the use of high heels. High shoes make your posture unstable, increasing the pressure on the lower spine.
6. Regulate sleep
Sleep on your back and try placing a pillow under your feet. This posture is very beneficial for your back. If you want to lie on your side, you can place pillows between your knees to relax your muscles. Tummy is not good for your back, but if you can only sleep on your tummy, place pillows under your hips and pelvis to relieve back muscle tension.
7. Relaxation
In some cases, the pain does not occur due to physical trauma. They can appear when you are overactive. Take time to rest while doing physical activity if you have back pain. Excessive activity can make the pain worse. Therefore, you need to slowly and relax. This will help your back more than you think.

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