5 simple ways to relieve headache

Most people experience headaches for a variety of reasons. The pain can vary from dull pain to intense pain, pain on one side of the head or around the head, neurological disorders … But, do you know effective and fast headache relief to improve the quality of life?
Soak your feet in hot water
A hot foot bath is one of the most popular traditional medicine methods that deeply relaxes, relieves stress and stress and restores a balance between thoughts and emotions. Moreover, this method is also considered effective in treating other conditions such as insomnia, foot odor, dermatology …
Method of massage acupressure
The patient can use the hands to massage the neck, forehead, nape to help relieve the headache temporarily. Headache acupressure is a method that not only relieves pain quickly but also helps relieve headaches in the long term.
Acupressure massage also helps improve health, restore balance to the body and reduce headaches. If someone does not like to use headache medicine, massage is an effective headache relief, an alternative to medicine without fear of side effects.
In addition, you can also try methods like acupuncture, relaxation (psychology) and yoga moves, meditation exercises or engage in some physical activity. All of them work to help reduce the frequency and severity of headaches.
Apply cold / hot compresses
Combining cold compresses and hot compresses is extremely effective to reduce headaches and complications caused by this condition such as stiff neck muscles, shoulder aches, neck pain … Specifically, ice packs to numb throbbing pain. . Meanwhile, the hot, wet compresses help relax the stiff neck muscles, reducing pain.
Avoid strong odors
Certain strong, strong odors, such as perfumes or cleaning products, are capable of making some people feel a headache. Therefore, the way to relieve headaches in these cases is to stay away from substances with strong odors. Scent hypersensitivity is also known as odor phobia and is common in people with chronic migraines.
So, if you find yourself quite sensitive to scents, avoid exposure to perfumes, cigarette smoke or other flavored products. It is also an effective headache relief.
Get enough sleep
Lack of sleep can cause negative health effects in a variety of ways, even triggering headaches in some people. A study by the American Center for Biotechnology Information – NCBI compared the frequency of headaches and the severity of pain in people who slept less than 6 hours per night with those who slept longer. The results showed that subjects who slept less frequently experienced severe and severe headaches.
Listening to music
Music has long been seen as effective relaxation and pain relief therapy. In particular, according to a 2001 study, therapeutic music is believed to be beneficial for chronic headaches.
Above are the simple and extremely effective headache relief methods that you can apply at home. However, it should be noted that, not only headaches, for any condition that does not go away with all solutions, you need to go to the nearest medical facility to be examined and diagnosed.

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