7 most effective way to lose weight, burn fat 15kg TO

The principles of safe and fast weight loss
Weight gain is a natural process in the body, which can be met of all ages and genders. But sudden weight gain, loss of control, especially weight index, excess fat over the prescribed level will lead to many dangerous complications for health such as blood fat, stroke, diabetes….
Therefore, weight loss is becoming more and more necessary than ever! Before embarking on the methods below, it is imperative that you understand the following safe, fast weight loss principles:
Here are details of how to lose body fat that can be applied to both men and women, just follow the instructions below:
1 / The right nutrition for people to lose weight
How to lose weight? You need to apply the right diet is the answer to the problem. Controlling caloric intake will help the body to both receive all the essential nutrients as well as minimize the “accumulation” of excess fat, leading to a sudden increase in weight.
1.1 Dietary Weight Loss Foods for Women and Men
Scientists have shown that foods with high fiber and protein content have the ability to quickly convert excess calories, support fat loss, and effectively beautify.
Select a number of diet foods that have fat-burning, easy-to-eat effects recommended by nutritionists such as:
Sweet potatoes lose weight
Scientists have shown that although sweet potato is starch, it is very low in calories, rich in resistance, iron, and rich in carotene.
Therefore, you can replace rice every day with 1-2 sweet potatoes to create a feeling of fullness for a long time, stimulating the conversion of calories into nutrients that feed the body.
# Simple weight loss menu instructions from sweet potatoes:
Morning: Eat 1 boiled potato (200 grams) + 1 banana
– Lunch: 1 sweet potato + boiled vegetables (salad) + 1 egg
– Evening: Boiled vegetables + 1 cup of unsweetened milk
(**) Note: You should change your menu with vegetables, meat, eggs … to ensure your body is still tolerating enough nutrients.
Brown rice for weight loss
In addition to sweet potatoes, brown rice is also the food chosen by many obese people to reduce their weight index. There are 3 types of brown rice you can choose from: brown rice, red brown rice, black brown rice.
All 3 types of brown rice have in common an excellent nutritional profile from high content of protein, vitamins, B vitamins, fiber to trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ….
# How to process brown rice effectively:
– Option 1: Choose red brown rice, soak it for 22 hours. Then, cook and dry. Next, roast well with a small amount of refined salt and add the can to desserts when you crave.
– Method 2: Cook like normal rice and eat with some low-calorie foods like chicken breast, eggs, boiled lean meat.
What to eat fast weight loss – Green vegetables
Referring to fast, safe slimming foods, green vegetables are always prioritized by everyone. Because green vegetables have a sweet taste, easy to eat and large amounts of fiber, do not contain carbohydrates and fats. It can be seen that at times such as after holidays, Tet, the addition of green vegetables to reduce fat is very necessary
However, to increase the effectiveness of losing fat from green vegetables, you should choose and regularly change vegetables with a lot of vitamins, fiber such as cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, bitter melon …
# Some things you should try:
– Squash soup with meat balls
– Boiled broccoli, carrots
– Cucumber salad
– Steamed white radish in sesame oil …
The method of losing weight with green vegetables suitable for everyone, from school children or even the elderly can apply.
In addition to the use of weight loss to keep shape, green vegetables are also one of the ingredients that make skin extremely effective.
Fruits for weight loss: Banana, grapefruit, and pineapple
According to new research published by Harvard University (USA), fruits including banana, grapefruit and pineapple have rare active ingredient “leptin” that helps reduce the% insulin index – causing blood fat.
In addition, the fiber content in the fruit will help the body maintain essential energy, control balance and assist in burning excess fat.
(**) Note: You should choose fruits that do not contain biological drugs and should not be eaten before and after meals.
1.2 Recipe for drinking water, fast weight loss smoothies
In addition to the above food, green vegetables, juices, and smoothies have also become the super-fast fat-burning solution chosen by many people, especially eyebrows.
Here, select 5 juices for quick fat loss, you should try:
Celery juice slimming
It sounds quite new, but celery juice is “storming” on many forums or news sites like webtretho, lamchame … with the ability to detoxify the body, control weight, prevent cancer. letters.
Western tree is considered a “precious medicinal plant” with a combination of rare nutrients such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, … For experts, this is one of the very healthy weight loss ways that you should apply.
# How to make an accelerated weight loss recipe from celery juice:
– Ingredients: 200gam celery, 100ml of water, 2 spoons of honey
– How to: Clean celery, chopped and put in the blender. Next, filter the residue to get celery juice and add honey. Finally stir well and drink in the morning and evening.

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